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AD Boivin releases Explorer Smart Terrain System

Published: February 14, 2008
Explorer action
Explorer action
Motocross application
Motocross application
Explorer action
Explorer action
Trail riding on your new Explorer enduro bike.
Driver and brake assembly.
Rear shot of two retrofitted bikes.
Explorer action
Boondocking on your newly Explorer fitted motocross bike.
Aprilia SuperMoto
Aprilia SuperMoto application
KTM retrofitted enduro bike.
The maker of the unique SnowHawk line of snowmachines and custom snowmobile suspensions recently released its newest product, the Explorer. The concept behind Explorer is to be able to take your motocross, enduro or supermoto bike and transform it into a snowmachine. This is basically a bolt on track kit that replaces your back wheel, and a ski-conversion kit that replaces your front wheel. The company claims it will work on almost any brand.

AD Boivin says you don't have to use a different brake system, swing arm or shock absorbers. The system uses the same swing arm of the motorcycle and pegs. Easy to release 6 pins along the rail of the track system allow it to be removed easily or moved forward or backward to best be utilized for different types of terrain. Also, the bolt on ski-adaptor kit for the front has TAA (track attack angle) slotted height adjustments which raises the front of the bike up to 4 inches. The higher adjustment will be used for off-trail deep-snow riding. The actual ski is Boivin's own Twin Axis Ski, which is the same ski as on the 800 SnowHawk with Snowtracker system.

"All owners of motocross, enduro and supermoto bikes have the opportunity to discover this unique dimension to ride a bike on snow. This product also answers the many requests we have for an intermediate vehicle between the Junior series and the big bore 800cc." said AD Boivin president Denis Boivin.

AD Boivin representatives tell us that a one or two teeth smaller front gear may be needed because the back gears on the explorer system should stay standard. Also, in Boivin's testing, they haven't had many problems with the bikes in cold weather save one time in humid conditions with fluffy snow where there was some ice/snow buildup near the engine. Finally, the track system rotates on wheels so there are no slides, therefore no friction and less fear of heat buildup. AD Boivin says you can use these systems in snow, mud, sand, dirt, basically wherever you want! More info:
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