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New water record

Published: November 8, 2006
On October 25, 2006, Henrik Lodin from Kramfors, Sweden, managed to beat the world record for a long distance run for a snowmobile on water. He drove his Polaris Dragon 600 H.O. '06 on the Angerman River. After 2 hours and 39 minutes, he was back, and the GPS showed 105.74 miles. The attempt is pending registration and analysis for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Henrik tells the reporters:
"Like you saw, I didn't sunk my sled like other record breakers. When the GPS showed my goal, I went to shore and up to my trailer dry and clean! It feels good to beat an 18-year-old record. If the old champ, Henry Bieda or someone else beat my record I will go for really looong run. Like I said, I went up to my trailer dry and clean."

Congratulations to Henrik Lodin!
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