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Polaris unveils 2002 lineup

Two new motors, EDGE expansion and new gadgetry lead the way!
By AmSnow staff
Published: February 20, 2001
Polaris consumers will have more options than ever before with the 2002 Snow Check Select program. The new build-to-order plan allows XC SP buyers to choose color, graphic treatment, suspension, rear shock, track lug, electric start and reverse. 700 and 800 RMK Snow check buyers will have options for the graphic package, color, shocks and track length. That's another story unto itself.

Here is what Polaris will offer for the entire season as its base models.
Muscle Sleds
Polaris returns the 800 XCR to the lineup with new Ryde FX shocks on the front and the rear suspension's front torque arm. The rear arm shock will again be the electronic adjustable unit from the past season. The XCR will again be housed in the Gen II chassis.
High Performance
We finally will have variable exhaust on the 700 and 800 XC SP sleds. The new motors are said to not only be stronger in the mid and top range, but also run quieter, smoother and more efficiently. The 800 twin engine will also feature a new compression release hole in the cylinder to reduce the pullng effort by as much as 35 percent, according to Polaris officials. The 500 and 600 XC SP models also return to the lineup with their small block VES engines.
All XC SPs will feature Ryde FX shocks on the front suspensions and front torque arm of the EDGE rear. Polaris continues to offer the position sensitive Fox shock on the rear arm of the skidframe. All sport sleds will be available in red or black as regular season models. New seat vinyl delivers more butt grip, especially as it gets wet.
With the introduction of the two new big block VES engines, all XC SPs will have the throttle position sensors, fuel switch and water temperature sensors onboard for safe operation. Also, the XC SPs will carry a new, plastic fuel pump and new oil pump. The 500 and 600 sleds will use the .91-inch track, while the 700 and 800 models will carry the one-inch unit as standard fare.
The 500 XC will return to the lineup as Polaris' value sled in the performance category. It will run the non-VES, iron-lined domestic twin. Look for it to have a lower-profile .82-inch lug track.
Mountain Performance
Polaris will offer mountain consumers its high performance VES twins for 2002, plus the EDGE chassis! The 800 RMK will be available in 144 and 151-inch tracks with two-inch lugs. The 700 RMK will come in 136 and 144-inch tracks with 1.75 and 2.0 inch lugs, respectively. The 600 RMK will also carry a VES mill, and will be available with the 136-inch track. The 136-inch track will offer 13.8 inches of travel, the 144-inch models will deliver 17 inches of travel and the 151-incher boasts 17.5 inches of movement.
With the conversion to the EDGE platform, the RMKs will have a host of new features, as well as some returning consumer faves. The heated running board grippers return to the model line, as well as a redesigned ski stance adjustment to fit the new chassis. Polaris engineers opted to put a thicker hyfax on the rails to extend the life of the wear part. Also, an extra set of bogie wheels has been installed to further prevent wear. Chromoly torque arms and square wire torsion springs help keep the weight down on the skidframe. On the rear of the bent tunnel sits a revised gas rack. Snow check buyers will receive a custom-built fuel can to fit in the space.
Polaris designers moved the recoil handle up to the top of the console with the RMKs, much like the race sleds. This small change will greatly reduce the number of bruised right knees on snowmobilers. The oil reservoir has been redesigned to hold a tool box as well.

The 500 RMK and Trail RMK will both be built on the Gen II platform and will be Polaris' price leaders in the category. The 700 SKS also returns as Polaris' hybrid trail/mountain model. It will use the 700 VES engine.
Sport Cruisers
The Classic family has been expanded for 2002. The lineup will include a 550 fan model. Additionally, the 700 Classic will be powered by the new VES mill.

All four Classics will be built on the EDGE chassis platform. The EDGE front suspension on all four sleds will feature the CRC geometry package. The sleds will be standard equipped with electric start and mechanical reverse.
A new, non-droopy mirror will be used on the Classics to maintain their settings no matter how rough the trail is. Like their automotive cousins, the mirrors will have a snap back feature to avoid damage should a side swipe occur.
The 500 Classic will be the testbed for Polaris' new saddleless composite ski. The ski mounts to the spindle directly, eliminating the weight of the steel mounting hardware. If it proves successful, we'd imagine it will be in widespread use next season.
The 600 and 700 Classics will use the VES engines for power. Both models will also make use of the M-10 suspension under the seat.

Polaris is rolling out a new feature for its top end 600 Classic Touring model: electronic reverse. That's right, it is licensing the push-button technology from Ski-Doo for use on its sleds. This year it will only be on the 600 Touring, but you can bet once its bugs are worked out, you'll find it on a whole bunch of Polaris models next year.
Aside from the electronic reverse, the 500 and 600 Classic Touring machines will have the same feature package: infinitely adjustable back rest with taillight, adjustable heated passenger grips, electric start, electric gauges and tall windshield. XTRA-12 rear suspensions with Indy Select rear shock allow 12 inches of travel. the 500 Classic Touring will use the old 488 Fuji twin.

The Trail Touring model will also return to the lineup. It is the more deluxe of the two 550 fan-cooled sleds. It offers everything the liquid-cooled sleds do, except the heated passenger grips. The Sport Touring leads the price point, offering a standard cargo rack and simple back rest. The 340 Touring also returns to the lineup.

Trail Sport
The Indy 340 Deluxe comes back with bold new graphics, as do the 550cc Super Sport and 488cc Indy 500.

Polaris will offer its Pro X 440 Fan to consumers for 2002. This racer replica will carry all of the chassis element of this year's race machine, including the tunnel bolsters, Ryde FX shocks, suspension geometry and the high-output 440 fan cooled engine.

Kid Sled

The 120 XC SP will be available this year with composite skis and the same 121cc four-stroke engine as last year.
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