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How To Clean Your Snowmobile Carbs

Follow these easy steps to properly clean your 'rack' twin flat slide carb
By Jason Houle
Published: August 10, 2009
Carbed - There are several high-performance "rack" twin flat slide carbed sleds on the market, such as the 800R X-RS from Ski-Doo. When you weld the throttle to the bar on this sled you'd better hold on, but to keep carbed sleds running at their peak you must service them.
Today's new "rack" twin cylinder flat slide carburetors are still using the same technology as the older unracked or round slide carbs of years past. However, today's newer versions have some serious performance and tuneability improvements. The use of only one idle adjustment, one throttle pull, and one choke lever are a few of the advancements that help with consumer consistency and reliability.
When comparing an older round slide carb to the newer flat slide you'll notice an increase in throttle response and improved gasoline atomization, which in-turn will increase horsepower potential, and gas mileage. Even though the newer carburetors are more advanced and easier to use, many of the same theories still apply, and you should still regularly inspect, clean and maintain carbs regardless of how advanced they are.
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