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For 40 years Maine's local snowmobile clubs have made it a mission to wow visitors with their extensive network of well groomed trails. Last year 102,000 snowmobilers took advantage of more than 13,500 miles of beautiful wide trails packed with crisp white snow.

Last season AmSnow, explored a portion of Aroostook County's 4,000 miles of trails in Northern Maine (See AmSnow Nov. 2009, See, p. 58)). This county, with its Acadian influence, offers many good starting spots, such as Madawaska, atop the state, and other sledvilles such as Ashland, Presque Isle, and Caribou.
If you're up for a real adventure, loop through the hills and valleys of Mt. Katahdin, Maine's highest point. You can find this great mountain in Baxter State Park, which also features an alpine forest and 46 mountain peaks. Take a nice deep breath of the pine tree freshness and rejuvenate!
The Moosehead Lake area, nestled in low lying mountains, is another great place with riding conditions for all skill levels. Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in Maine and provides stops along the 160-mile Moosehead Trail that wraps around the lake. This trail connects with Maine's Interconnecting Trail System (ITS) too. It not only hooks up with the rest of Maine, but also with areas in New Hampshire and Canada, if you are up for a longer ride. Greenville Junction is located in the greater Moosehead region too and provides places to load up or take a load off for the night.

On the trails of the Rangeley Lakes region, you can explore areas that are only accessible by snowmobile. Traverse the New England Snowmobile Trail Network (NEST) and Black Fly Loop, or try your hand at the Ronald W. Sargent Trail System. It's part of Maine's Interconnecting Trail System (ITS 86, 87 and 89), offering more than 130 miles of high-quality riding. The system extends north to Jackman, west to Eustis, east to Moosehead Lake and south to Bingham.

Maine does not have a trail speed limit, but authorities sometimes write a summons for excessive speed and driving to endanger, so be courteous on the trails. Drinking and driving (or riding) laws are strictly enforced and fined.

Registration fees depend on residency. Residents pay $40, while non-residents have three options: for $43 you get a 3-day consecutive registration, 10 consecutive days is $58 and a full season is $88.
Helpful Sites

Helpful Sites
Snowmobile Maine:
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:
Maine Chamber of Commerce:
Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club:
Maine Snowmobiling:

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