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Niche Utility Sleds for 2017

Three top touring and hard-working snowmobiles that won't die
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2017 Yamaha VK 540V utility snowmobile
Yes, it’s a 2-stroke! Your eyes have not deceived you. Yamaha is back in the 2-stroke market with its updated 540cc twin that meets EPA regulations. It poses some interesting possibilities for the Arctic Cat engine supply agreement, which includes the 1049cc NA and 998cc turbo 4-strokes.
Kort Duce photo
It’s conceal and carry with these sleds, because you CAN take it with you wherever you go. These three sleds are not 100% new, but they do have all the upgrades, storage options, versatility and longevity you want for specific applications: long-distance utility in an affordable engine (Yamaha VK 540V), extreme backwoods utility mobility (Ski-Doo Tundra Extreme), or super warm and comfortable 2-up touring with bruteforce utility (Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 XT Limited). These sleds are the best in their niches of the ever-evolving snowmobile market.

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