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2014 Super Sled Shootout

Martin, Mich. – Some seriously fast sleds were geared up to assault U.S. 131 Speedway’s quarter mile at the 25th annual Aeroquip Super Sled Shootout. A record number of participants at Friday’s ‘test and tune’ session had racers and spectators chirping with anticipation on what the weekend’s competition might bring. This event is a place where snowmobile speed records are made!

Ideal track and weather conditions had race teams shaving times faster than a barber with a straightedge during Friday test runs. Jeff Kerridge and the boys from Smith / Mott Racing laid down a time of 6.08 seconds preparing for the 1,000-foot Outlaw class to start the buzz.

When Friday’s practice action ended, we were set for the biggest event in the Super Sled Shootout’s quarter-century history. The pits were packed full with a whopping 127 sled entries competing in four classes, including 16 of the baddest Outlaw sleds you’ll ever see. Adding more race fuel to the fiery competition was a full Pro Stock class and dozens of bracket racers with twitchy throttle thumbs.

All the makings were in place for records to fall come the start of Saturday’s competition. Unfortunately, the weather man also called for something else to fall, but with racers awakening to dry conditions and a slight tailwind, Saturday racing was green lighted.

Tiina Duncanson of That Girl Racing set the pace early in Pro Stock qualifying, dashing down the quarter mile in 8.20 sec. at 156mph. Pro Stock Inc.’s Zack Davis laid down the fastest Outlaw class qualifying run, blistering the 1,000-foot distance in 6.17 sec. at 167mph.

The first bracket challenge racers entered the pits keeping one eye down the track and another on encroaching clouds. Even the omnipresent optimism from the racing fraternity wasn’t enough to keep the rain away. After several bouts of rain and subsequent track drying, only to have more rain come, the event was postponed and set to resume on Sunday.

Sunday brought no better weather. For the first time in a decade the event was called off. But we still tracked down some of the sharpest wrenchers in the race game and learned what makes their sleds truly ‘Super’. Read on to find out!
WHILE MOTHER NATURE schemed to washout our weekend races, she was unable to stop at least one trip to the Winner’s Circle. Rain had left the NHRA/NSDRA BIR Nationals Pro Stock class without a champion from their race the month before.

With four racers left in limbo, Shootout organizer Jamie Bellman found time to finish the remainder of the Brainerd, Minn. races on Friday afternoon. Competition was spirited to say the least. The remaining BIR competitors were all within .02 seconds of one another. Glenn Hall took home the hardware in the delayed Pro Stock race with a pass of 8.19 sec. at 157.98 mph.

Both the ET and MPH were personal bests for Hall in the Pro Stock class, and he had nothing but good things to say about the track conditions.
Glenn’s Arctic Cat was running smooth thanks to a ProLine Performance suspension and skis, D&D intake/exhaust, Supreme Tool primary cluth, Vi-PEC ECU, and Hypersports rods and pistons.
TITLE: Aeroquip Performance Products
CLASS LEVEL: Bracket Challenge #1 - Woody’s Traction Products, Pro Stock - Pro Stock Inc., 1,000-ft. Outlaw - Kenneth Smith Trucking / Mott Motorsports, 10.20 Index -  Bellman Oil Co., Bracket Challenge #2 - Alpine Fence LLC Nick and Carla, Outlaw 1/8 mile - Supreme Tool, Inc., All Motor - Watkins Glen Auto Parts, 9.0 Index - Proline Performance
PRO LEVEL: Richmond Masters Distributors, VP Racing Fuels, Wahl Bros. Racing, Camoplast Inc., Dunigan Racing, San Marino Racing, Bray Racing, Howard’s Performance Center, BP Oil Inc., Lincolnway Mart BP, S. Abraham and Sons, Pro Temp Mechanical, Commercial Snow, FOX Powersports - official transportation partner.
ASSOCIATE LEVEL: Greg Thomas, Hackett Racing, Hagen / Chisholm 323 Racing, Paul Austin / Arrows Automotive, Ed Illgen / Bullet Racing, Dunn Performance, The Crank Shop, Vertical Technologies of New York, Poorboy Racing, Tony Morabito, That Girl Racing / Peter and Tiina Duncanson, Melling, Scraperdoos Snowmobile Salvage, World Wide Bearings, CJP Racing, Mark Wakem Racing
ONE LOOK AT Smith / Mott Racing and you know these guys mean business. Between the forklift, sled lifts, no-nonsense attitudes and trophies on display, it’s obvious they come to win. And they hope to do so in record-setting fashion.
They are the current asphalt snowmobile record holders for the quarter-mile with a time of 7.399 at 183.59 mph set back in 2010 at the same U.S. 131 Speedway. It was the fourth time they’d bettered their own record in just that weekend!
Driver, Jeff Kerridge, who piloted the previous world record runs, was behind the bars of the same record-setting sled. In Friday’s ‘Test and Tune’ session, things were looking favorable. Kerridge turned in a 1,000-ft. test pass of 6.08 sec. That same run had him unofficially ‘coasting’ through the quarter mile mark in 7.33 sec. according to race organizer Jamie Bellman. A new world record seemed well within grasp… had they been running the quarter mile. They already own that one, but the boys at Smith / Mott had their eyes on the 1,000-foot mark of 6.01. With a 6.08 pass in testing, they had their sights set on a possible sub 6-second run.
So, what does it take to break records? Start with a ’06 Yamaha Apex, then bump it up to 650 hp. Here’s how to get there!

• Custom built100cc 4-stroke motor (Built by Dennis Mott)
• Yamaha Deltabox frame
• Garrett GT35 custom rear-mounted turbo
• ProLine Performance suspension and skis
• STM clutches
• Big Stuff 3 ECU
• Carlisle and Dayco belts
• 144x10-in. asphalt track
2015 ARCTIC CAT ZR 8000, Jeff Jaquish
IF THERE WAS an award for the newest sled at the Shootout, it may go to Jeff Jaquish of Team Arctic for his 2015 ZR 8000 Sno Pro. The odometer read 0.0. They don’t get much newer than that!

The double zeros on the odometer aren’t the only difference in Jaquish’s machine compared to the others. No, sir! Jeff’s sled is a stock Super Sled, for the most part. The engine components are exactly what any consumer can expect to get in any 2015 ZR 8000 Sno Pro from their local dealer.

So how is it a Super Sled? Well, not all Super Sleds are one-off super-expensive custom builds. Jeff’s sled has slight improvements in clutching, fuel/timing and a modified stock rear suspension. A Power Commander Fuel Controller delivers the right amount of gas at just the right RPMs to get the most out of the stock Suzuki 794cc 2-stroke. The customized rear skid uses a modified FOX rear air shock. The skid, combined with chains tying the A-arms to the skis, keeps the sled engaged with the track from green light to finish line.

Why so few mods? Jaquish raced in the heads-up, single elimination bracket competition. You ‘dial’ in your time with the folks in the tower and then must stay consistent, hitting as close to this ‘dialed in’ ¼-mile time each pass, without breaking-out (going faster). This style of racing faithfully rewards consistency both in sled and racer. Bracket racing is a marathon, not a wonder-sled sprint run.

But that doesn’t mean his sled isn’t fast. Jaquish laid down a pass of
10.40 sec. at 122 mph

Did we mention he’s a multi-time bracket winner at the Super Sled Shootout and a former record holder for the 1/4-mile with a 2009 run of 9.006 sec. at 142 mph on a 2010 mostly stock Cat Z1 Turbo?
LAST YEAR, Tony Morabito took home his second winner’s check in the 1/8-mile Outlaw class and it’s easy to see why. There are hard workers, and then there’s Morabito’s crew. These guys hustle, wrench and tune fast and furiously, and Tony will be the first to tell you!

“I get to do what I do because of all my friends and family,” Morabito explained. “These guys take off work and time away from family to be here and race with me, and I couldn’t be any luckier.”

His pit crew of Pro-Stock Inc. boys (Big Paul Thiel, Jeremy Hannen and Chris Connely) and Dave Dunn of Dunn Performance get it done!

In his eighth year of racing at the Shootout, it’s truly become a family affair for Morabito as his wife and kids accompany him to many races.
It’s one of the largest teams in the pits, and they’ve given new life to a Ski-Doo 1200 XR (after a run-in with a tree), and turned it into one of the baddest sleds in the Outlaw class. Take one look at the parts list and you’ll understand the need for all the help.

• Modified Ski-Doo 1200 4-TEC engine
• Carrillo rods
• Wiseco pistons
• LSD 530 chain and sprocket
• Garrett GTX3582R Turbo
• Precision Sports intake manifold,
fuel rail and header
• Custom fabricated 3-in. exhaust
• MoTeC engine management system
• Pro-Stock Inc. rear suspension and skis
• Bellman air-dam and tail
• HRP primary, Pro 4 Cat secondary
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