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Travel: One Last Ride in Maine

A final hurrah on the snowmobile trails of the Katahdin Region and New England
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late-season snowmobiling Maine Katahdin region
Cathy Genthner photo
The sun rises earlier and sets later as the days lengthen along with the shadows. Harsh winter days are tamed by the slow and gentle nudging of impending spring.

The trails have been packed down and groomed for months now, so they are in good shape. Traffic on trails is lighter than during the height of winter, as some people have put sleds away for the season. In Maine, as in many northeastern states with higher elevations, there can still be some great sledding, depending on the amount of snowfall in a given season.

Fort Kent, Maine, is located on the Canadian border, and it’s one of those areas where winter takes its time saying goodbye. Allen Chamberland, the treasurer of the Fort Kent SnoRiders Snowmobile Club, tells us they have almost 200 members and 70 miles of trails to groom, and that Maine is almost always a fantastic place to ride late in the season.

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