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Top 12 Reasons to Snowmobile Iceland

If you want a real sledding adventure, this is it!
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Iceland glacier snowmobile cornice snow
Natural beauty unlike any you’ve ever seen from the seat of a sled! If you want to see waterfalls bigger than Niagara Falls, neverending glaciers, natural geothermal pools, ice caves and more around every corner, then take a trip to Iceland! If you are looking for cornice drops for days, mile-long sidehills, wide-open belt- burning valleys, huge natural snocross terrain, and hillclimbs that keep going up, then take a trip to Iceland! If you like good people and fun times ... OK, you know the drill: GO TO ICELAND!
Photo by Mark Boncher
The best flight ever out of Chicago O’Hare airport we ever took was the one to Iceland! This country is snowmobile heaven and still largely undiscovered by U.S. sledders. We suggest going!

Not convinced yet? Here are 12 reasons to visit Iceland that are sure to win you over!

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