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2013 Yamaha RS Viking Professional test tracks article

It’s one tough BEAST!

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Anyone watching the NFL much knows there’s been a lot of talk about players and whether or not they were a “BEAST!” Which was definitely viewed as a good thing! Pragmatically, these are hard working, tough, determined, passionate, players. In the snowmobile world, utility sleds fill that definition of “BEAST.”

All the sled maanufacturers try to make their utility beasts bold warriors too. This year is no exception as Yamaha gives its RS Viking Professional, commonly called the VK Pro, a new winter coat of dark metallic green paint and a new black tunnel and suspension to spiff it up a bit.

That’s the uniform, but it’s the functional stuff that makes the VK one of the most popular utility sleds on the market. Yamaha does some gussying up there too, to good effect.

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