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Honda Concept Snowmobile

Chris Wyeth, an automotive design student from the UK created this alternatively powered concept snowmobile design to present to Honda. As you can see from the photos, the model is missing some real world fabricating and many small details because it’s strictly an engineering student’s concept. But we thought you’d like to see Wyeth’s ideas.

The vehicle project was dubbed the Honda SXC and the vehicle was designed for young motocross-style riders that want to “go big,” but still be environmentally friendly.

The aluminum boxed frame design also has a new single pivot designed rear suspension with a “swinging” motor that allows for a lower center of gravity. Fox remote reservoir adjustable shocks are the preferred bump smoothers all around this sled. Seating and foot placement are higher than current snowmobiles, reflecting the taller motocross dimensions of the machine.

Power is strictly from 22 lithium ion battery packs that can be charged from the side and used cartridges that can be ejected from the front of the line of packs with new cartridges inserted easily under the seat. The 96-volt motor has a power output of 23 bhp, but two new 140-volt motors could offer more than 75 bhp and a 6.6 kw charge would last six hours, Wyeth says.

The only “snow-traveling” vehicle Honda ever produced was in 1973 and was called the Honda White Fox. More than 500 were made, but machine sales never took off. Every few years there are rumors that Honda will attempt to enter the snow-biz, and there are several Honda patents filed for snowmachines, but their entry into this market seems doubtful. It is important to note that this is in no way a Honda produced, sponsored, or endorsed vehicle and there are no current plans to build such a vehicle. Still, it is interesting to see what future engineers may dream up for the snowmobile market.

For the record, Honda did not express interest in this vehicle after the presentation, but could this be a possible glimpse into a snowmobile of the future? You can draw your own conclusions after watching the full video presentation
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