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1995 Polaris Storm

Last year's flagship Indy churned out less power than the other 800s, but it was still strong off the line
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There's good news for the Polaris faithful: The 1996 Indy Storm should be more powerful than the previous editions of the 800cc top-of-the-line Indy.At the American Snowmobiler Shoot-Out last December, our test 1995 Stormwas decidedly at a power disadvantage when compared to the 1995 Ski-DooMach Z, Arctic Cat ZRT 800 and Yamaha Vmax-4. Those three sleds all dynoedout close to 150 horsepower. The best the 800cc Storm could do was 132.7horsepower at 8000 revs.As a point of reference, the 1995 Stor...

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