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Tips for Riding 2-Up

It takes two, baby: Tricks for riding well with a passenger
two-up snowmobile riding tips
TAKING A LEAN APPROACH - You’ll want to explain to your passenger about leaning into a turn.
There isn’t a better way to enjoy a blue-bird winter wonderland than riding tandem and sharing the experience. These days all the manufacturers have excellent 2-up snowmobiles in their lineups, making trail exploration an option for younger riders, people who don’t want the responsibility of driving, or the cost of buying multiple snowmobiles. When looking to ride double, there are a few things to consider to ensure everyone has fun.

Rider Communication
A plus of 2-up riding is the ability to communicate better than when riding separately. Make sure you ask your companion if they are comfortable and having a good time. There are often easy adjustments that can be made if the driver is aware. Also, start slow and make sure your rider isn’t scared or rattled by your driving. When
a rider is not in control, or has less experience, it is easy to be fearful on a fast-moving machine.

Once your passenger is accustomed to riding, they will find there are many benefits to being in the backseat. The second rider has more opportunity to take in the sights and doesn’t have the responsibility of worrying about where they are going. It can be very relaxing.
two-up snowmobile riding tips
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 2-up snowmobile review heated seat
■ Passenger Vision
No one wants to spend a long time staring at the back of your helmet, no matter how fancy it is. Double rider configurations are best when the second rider can look over, or to the side of the driver, and take in the beautiful scenery. Before buying a sled to be used with a passenger, take them to a dealership and sit on a few different models to see what rides provide the best view and comfort. If your current setup doesn’t allow the rider to see well, plan for stops where everyone can take in the surroundings.

Second Rider Comfort
There are many seating options for two-ups. They vary from snap-in seating that can be removed when the passenger is not on board, to longer touring seats. Comfort for the second rider should be a priority, that is, if you want them to go again! Seats with hand grip warmers that the passenger can control are a nice feature and having the proper windshield height and handguards can protect that rear passenger from excessive cold.

Two-Rider Technique
A few miles might be all you need for your rider to learn to lean into the corners and help make for a smooth ride. However, telling them to follow your lead and lean when you lean is helpful. Additionally, teaching them safe riding habits is vital. These include keeping their feet flat on the running boards and to remain seated to help the driver maintain control.

Keep in mind your second rider may not be aware of big bumps in the trail or sharp upcoming turns, communicate when there are impending hazards, and consider some suspension changes if the machine is not responding how you want, or if the ride is too stiff for the passenger.
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