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Yamaha SR Viper Upgrades

Take handling and storage up a notch with these parts and accessories!
2016 Yamaha SR Viper upgrades
How do you make a great sled even greater? By adding aftermarket parts and custom accessories, of course! We got the most out of our 2015 Yamaha SR Viper with two key add-ons: XS skis from Curve Industries and Yamaha's very own expandable tunnel gear bag. Here are step-by-step instructions for installing both.
Installing Curve’s XS skis has been one of our favorite upgrades to make to the Viper sleds. Although it changes the sled from a double-keel to a single-keel ski, Curve’s skis offer a more aggressive ride with precise cornering and still keep steering effort light.
STEP 1: Prep your new skis for install. First, you’ll want to install your carbides of choice. We recommend something in the 6-8-inch range for aggressive riding with the Curve skis. It’s best to tighten the carbides with a hand wrench, so as not to overtighten them.

STORAGE UPGRADE: Expandable Tunnel Gear Bag
We made no secret that the 2015 Viper was one of our top picks for long mileage trips. But most Vipers lack the bigger amounts of storage required for such excursions. The 2015 Viper R-TX LE came with a small tunnel bag standard. It just wasn’t enough for our needs, so we went with Yamaha’s Expandable Tunnel Gear Bag (Part #SMA-8JP63-00-00). The install was fast and easy, and it gives you versatile storage space!
STEP 1: Drill out the rivets at the top of each side of the tunnel just below the seat, where the bag straps on. We didn’t remove the standard belt bag. We just emptied it out and installed our new expandable bag over it for even more capacity.
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