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Yamaha Nytro oil change

There are still things you can do yourself on a 4-stroke
TOOLS OF THE TRADE - The tools you will need to do the job are simple and include a wrench set, Allen wrench, filter wrench, socket set, screwdriver, new filter, oil pan, and a couple hours of your time.
An oil change is one of the few maintenance jobs that need to be done on a 4-stroke engine, but it's vitally important. Last winter when it was time to have the first oil change done on our two 2009 Nytro demo sleds we took them down to Yamaha's snow division headquarters in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., to be coached by a professional. We were led through the easy job by one of Yamaha's top all-star mechanics (Nick Leikness) who gave us the right tips on the procedure from top to bottom.

It's important to note that the first oil change and filter replacement on the Nytro based sleds should be done at the 500-mile mark and then the oil changed every 2,500 miles thereafter. The second filter change is only needed at 12,000 miles after the initial break-in. Yes, you heard correctly 12K! No wonder so many people have been drawn to the 4-stroke side of the playground.

The job

Obviously Yamaha recommends you take your sled to the dealer for this work, but if you like to do it yourself, you certainly can. Here's a brief rundown of the steps you should take, and what you should and shouldn't do in order to finish the Nytro oil and filter change correctly.

STEP 1: Start the motor and run the sled for 5-10 minutes.
Step 3
Step 2
Step 6
Step 5
Step 8
STEP 2: Remove the left and right side panels and lower panels. Also remove the skid plate. There will be push pins and a total of four 10mm bolts.

STEP 3: Remove the drain bolt on the oil tank on the right side of the sled. This is a 12mm bolt.

STEP 4: While the oil is draining from the tank, remove the oil filter and the drain plug on the bottom of the motor. This will require a 5mm Allen wrench.

STEP 5: Also, while all the oil is draining, inspect areas that are usually covered by the panels. Since the panels are off it is easier to change out fluids (like the chaincase) and inspect or tighten the chain as well.

STEP 6: Once all oil is drained, install the 5mm Allen drain bolt in the motor and install the new filter (part no.: 5dm-13440-00-00). You also will want to lube the seal on the filter with oil, and make sure the old rubber seal from the old filter is not stuck on the motor.

STEP 7: Install 12mm bolt onto the oil tank.

STEP 8: Add 3.20 liters or 3.38 quarts of Yamalube 0W-30 and insert and tighten the dipstick.

STEP 9: Start the motor and let it run for 2-5 minutes.

STEP 10: Check the oil again.

STEP 11: Install the side and lower panels and skid plate.

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