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2013 AmSnow Real World Shootout

By Mark Boncher
Published: March 4, 2013
2013 march real world4
Embellish a little? Nah, no snowmobiler would ever do that … yeah right!
Just like no angler has ever told a fishy story, about his 15-lb. bass. Nor has any athlete ever padded his or her stats a little when talking about those high school glory days.
Let’s be honest, we all like to paint ourselves in a good light and we snowmobilers often take embellishing to new heights in the heat of a good bench-racing session at a trailside watering hole.
Fortunately, if your most obnoxiously “out there” buddy takes it a little too far you’ll have THIS issue of AmSnow to bring him back to The Real World.
Every January we run our Real World Shootout, a test of the seven or eight new sleds the manufacturers allow us to demo ride for the entire season. The snow on the trails was thin this January at our north woods test facility, but conditions on the lakes and ponds could not have been more conducive to going fast. We had 1 to 2-inches of super-hard packed groomed snow on our acceleration course this year and the sleds were disappearing down the track faster than the deer on opening day.
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