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Reviews for F1100 Sno Pro

Year: 2012
Make: Arctic Cat
Class: High Performance
Price US: $10,899
Price Canada: $12,749
Performance: Submitted: 12/18/2012
Took my 2012 F1100 Sno Pro out for the first time ever a couple days ago. Very pleased. Im new to Arctic Cat after owning Polaris snowmobiles for 20 years. My last sled was a 2006 Fusion 600 and I loved that sled but was tired of being the gas gauge for others in my group. I was hoping for something comparable with respect to power and handling and I got that and more. In my opinion the ergonomics and handling are much better. The power is so different its hard to compare but I honestly feel its just as quick. Mash the throttle from idle and it will lift the skis. The engine note is low and smooth which personally I think sounds good. My opinion but if youre considering a 4 stroke to replace your 600cc 2 stroke, you wont be disappointed.
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