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Reviews for 800 Rush

Year: 2011
Make: Polaris
Class: High Performance
Price US: $10,999
Price Canada: $13,199
Performance: Submitted: 3/16/2011
Overall this sled has been great. I have put 1,000 miles on it so far after buying it in January 2011. I am very happy with it overall and as of today would buy another one. I ride in the northeastern U.S. (Mainly N.H., and ME but some in MA.) I have no complaints on the motor. There is a ton of power! It starts easy and consistently (2nd pull when cold, 1st pull when warm). The oil usage or lack of, has been great. I didnt measure the miles per quart but it was great. Fuel mileage was just ok. I got between 10 and 12 mpg depending on how hard I rode. I have had no problems with the motor (or the machine for that matter) whatsoever. It rides and handles great. I like the front and rear suspensions but it is CRITICAL to get the rear suspension set up for your weight. It makes a huge difference in how this sled handles. It not only effects the suspension performance but it changes how well and how easily it turns. Believe it or not the rear end being set up right makes all the differnce on whether or not you like this sled. (p.s. include the weight of all your gear i.e. helmet, boots, suit, gloves. It adds appx. 20 lbs to your weight) Once I had it set up right it carved trails like no other sled I have ever owned. The only handling issue i have to complain about is the inside ski lift you inevitably get on initial turn in. As all the mags. say it is manageable once you start to anticipate it, but nevertheless I would rather it just handle flat through the turns. The amazing thing is this trait never seemed to slow me down. It was pretty predictable. Gripes: My only issues with the 800 Rush was the lack of wind protection (there is none) and the lack of storage (there is none). I had the mid height windshield which was ok but the machines bullett like design offers no protection for your legs and the rest of your body. On a cold day you better dress warm! I am aware that you can now buy $200 plus bags and racks for it now but In my mind if you spend over $10,000 for a snowmobile they could at least include a small storage compartment within the seat for a quart of oil, spark plugs, etc. At the end of the day though, those were my only complaints. Cold sled overall, and no storage. Otherwise the motor, chasis, and suspension are great!! No complaints. One thing I would do differently is I would buy the Pro-R. The 1" track hooked up fine, but not being able to adjust the shocks on a suspension this sensitive to adjustment is kind of disapointing. 80% of the time it was fine, but when the woops really turned into canyons I could bottom the thing relatively easy. Just an FYI my 800 Rush was set-up with only 96 studs, and it hooked up great. It wheelies out of every corner when I snap hard on the throttle. Not sure if this is because of the rear suspension or what, but i seem to have plenty of traction. Also, I swapped out the useless stock 4" runners for 8" woodys standard carbide runners. Otherwise this sled is all stock.
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