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AmSnow’s exclusive and original Real World test results can only be found in this issue. See which 2014 sleds are fastest, best on gas and which are truly lightweight. We’ve got all the stats done by our own editors on our own machines.
pg. 16
By Stephen W Clark
pg. 24
By Ross Halvorson
D&D Performance gave us an exclusive look at its Dial-A-Boost Flash. This new booster turns a family friendly sled to race ready with the turn of a dial. It’s a trail friendly set up that can take you from 9 psi to the max boost your turbo will produce.
pg. 48
By Olav Aaen
2015 Polaris Tech in depth
pg. 46
By Ross Halvorson
Tachs, blown belts & more!

pg. 50
hotproducts 201416
By Christie Green
Stuff you want to get, like now!
pg. 54
By Les Pinz
1962 450 Polar
pg. 58
Shiny Side Up
Comments by Mark Boncher
Mark Boncher
By Mark Boncher
pg. 6
2015 is all in
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