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On thin ice

Some self rescue tips
By AmSnow staff
Published: November 18, 2003
When snowmobiling on frozen lakes and streams there is always an added risk, the possibility of falling into the icy cold water. Here are some self-rescue tips in case you find yourself in a life-threatening situation on the ice.

1. Do not undress. You only have a few minutes before hypothermia sets in. You can use your helmet as a flotation device.
2. Get to the edge and put your arms flat on the ice.
3. Kick as hard as you can.
4. When you're on the ice, don't stand up, roll to thicker ice.
5. Get help and medical treatment as soon as possible. Hypothermia causes your body to lose heat faster than it can make it.
*Information provided by Terry Barton, Certified Safety Instructor.
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