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2014 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles released


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Hot Rod Racer! That’s Ski-Doo’s X-RS that moves into the new XS chassis for 2014 with its leaner looking body panels.
Ski-Doo makes this new product thing look easy.
For 2014 it expands the reach of its unique technology to more of its lineup, meaning more sleds in its XS and XM chassis, plus more sleds with rMotion and tMotion.
But most significant, its engineers have developed a new ACE 900 4-stroke motor that generates 90 horses. Yet that’s just the start.
The revvy 3-cylinder ACE 900 also delivers three industry firsts:
- intelligent Throttle Control (iTC).
- a Learning Key to help inexperienced riders.
- electronic throttle-by-wire.

This is not for you hot rods, but for families and snowmobiling newbies who want a more purposeful multi-purpose sled. The new ACE will get great gas mileage too and is loaded with technology. It also will come in a variety of models. (Subscribers who want the full ACE tech story and full lineup details can click here.)
The new Ace isn’t the only thing up Ski-Doo’s sleeve for 2014, it moves more of its trail-oriented models to the XS chassis, including its wild child, the top-of-the-line X-RS. Also look for the MXZ TNT, Renegade Adrenaline, Renegade Backcountry, GSX LE and Expedition Sport models in the XS chassis introduced last year and featuring restyled exterior panels that provide better wind protection, and look newer and more refined.
In the off-trail and mountain segments Ski-Doo puts more of its machines into the XM chassis that debuted last year with new body styling and offering Ski-Doo’s exclusive tMotion suspension that makes sidehilling easier.
And then there’s something called the SIlentDrive system that cuts vibration and quiets the drive system a LOT. Look for that on the Grand Touring LE.
There are other refinements, all making the Ski-Doo lineup easier to ride and enjoy. For full details subscribe today at ….

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